2012 Tootsie Roll Drive

What do you get when you have 67 dedicated volunteers filling 2 hour shifts over 2 weekends? What happens when you mix beautiful weather-for the most part- a caring community and cases of tasty Tootsie Rolls? Why, my friends and fellow parishioners you get the most successful Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll Drive in the history of Council 7880. Now that the contributions have been counted and total almost $7100 after all expenses have been paid, we begin the exciting work of using those funds to support the special needs community in the Parker area.

We will be able to continue and expand the St. Joseph of Cupertino Kaffee House, the Rocky Mountain Special Olympic Team will be getting new uniforms for their athletes, and the Douglas County Unified Sport Teams from 3 high schools will have an end of season banquet their athletes, coaches and families will hold dearly in their memories. There is also an adequate amount dedicated to provide support for the special needs religious education program at Ave Maria. Thanks to all who found the charity to drop a little something in the can. So much work is left to be done, please remember us again next year.